The Hammarkulle carnivals, Gothenburg, Sweden | Photos from Rallarvegen – the navvies' road in Norway | Portland, Oregon, USA – a nice & progressive city | Photos of the Andersson family from Långö 1942–1963 | Larvae in massive attacks on bird cherry trees

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[Photo from the Hammarkulle carnival in 2022.]
© Photo by Wolfgang, edited by Conny Andersson. Please click the image to watch some really stunning videos!

Wishing you all a happy & nice summer! Please enjoy four amazing videos from the Hammarkulle carnivals in 2003, 2015, 2016 & 2022. All the stunning photography was done by Wolfgang. Watch these joyful videos – The Hammarkulle carnivals, feel some real happiness and dance to the exciting music! Be happy!

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Please enjoy this lively video. It's a snippet of a much longer performance by the amazing saxophonist Grace Kelly and her musicians. (The whole performance was only available on demand October 1–15, 2020.) This live streamed performance was requested from the University of Nevada in Reno, USA and its School of the Arts – College of Liberal Arts, due to the then ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The performance was live streamed from and recorded in Grace Kelly's home studio in New York City on October 1, 2020.
“Grace Kelly has an electric charisma onstage that instantly ignites the room” Jon Batiste. In this video Grace Kelly and her musicians perform Lemons Make Lemonade. Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life, making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable. You may read more about Grace Kelly in my caption below the next video.

Enjoy this video with the young and amazing jazz musician Grace Kelly. Most of all, she is one of the greatest jazz saxophonists in the world, despite she is only 31 years old (born on May 15, 1992). In this video she performs with Julian Pollack on piano, Julia Adamy on electric bass guitar and Ross Pederson on drums.

Grace Kelly is also a singer, composer, songwriter and an educator in jazz music and improvisation. You can read more about her approach to music education in JAZZed ‒ The Jazz Educator's Magazine:
“Grace Kelly is reinventing the rules of jazz and jazz education one step at a time. A musical wunderkind who began learning classical piano at six and quickly transitioned into jazz piano, then saxophone by age 10, she was always meant to turn the music world on its ear. The alto sax player performed publicly for the first time at age 10, (Video on YouTube: Grace Kelly's first performance with the alto saxophone, in June 2002, six weeks after beginning saxophone lessons at Brookline Music School with saxophone teacher James Merenda on piano.) then, at the behest of her music teacher Ken Berman, recorded her debut album Dreaming at age 12. It's been a wild ride ever since for the 31-year-old bandleader, singer, and songwriter.”

Enjoy this stunning, colorful video and listen to the MarchFourth Band playing their nice tune Fuzzy Lentil. In this video Anngela Burt and Jon Dutch from the Rose City Circus do their amazing acrobatics to the energetic music played by the MarchFourth Marching Band from Portland, Oregon, USA. Portland's wonderful nickname is Rose City.

This amazing video was filmed in July 2019 at the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair (OCF). An event that takes place close to Veneta in Oregon. It's held annually in July, but not in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID‑19 pandemic. The latest event was held on July 7‒9 in 2023. In hope for a new OCF-event in July 2024, please stay safe and healthy!

“The Three Musketeers” – Audun Lindhjem, Svanhild Lindhjem and Johs Steine – rode Rallarvegen, the navvies' road, in Norway on August 20, 2016. They rode by bicycle the 55 kilometers (34.2 miles) from Finse to Flåm. It is the same route I myself rode by bicycle on August 1, 2002 and also partially on August 1, 2006. Both in 2002 and in 2006 I rented my bicycle at the Finse 1222 bicycle rental (website in Norwegian), they also offer Rallarvegen packages with overnight stays at the Finse 1222 hotel (website in Norwegian).

Rallarvegen is the old navvies' road used by the navvies when they built the mountainous section of the Bergen Railway line in Norway. A navvy was a person employed to build the railway.

The navvies' road – Rallarvegen – was built in 1895–1902 (Rallarvegen's history in Norwegian) and the Bergen Railway line was officially opened on November 27, 1909. Please enjoy this amazing bike ride and video!

Five well illustrated subjects are now up at this website

[This is Sandå, the bridge over Sandåi, Rallarvegen, 
the old Bergen Railway track, and Sandåvatnet at 1265 meters above sea level.]
© Photo Conny Andersson 2006

This photo shows the bridge for Rallarvegen over Sandåi at Sandå, and the old Bergen Railway track towards Slirå. To the left of Rallarvegen is the beautiful lengthmen's house. A lengthman was a person employed to maintain a section of the railway. The house was built in 1913, and the architect was H. Kass. The lengthmen and their families lived here 1913–1969, now it is a private house.

To the right of Rallarvegen is the navvies' cottage at Sandå, where the navvies lived when the Bergen Railway was built in 1895–1909. A navvy was a person employed to build the railway.

  1. The Hammarkulle carnivals, Gothenburg, Sweden
  2. Photos from Rallarvegen – the navvies' road in Norway
  3. Portland, Oregon, USA – a nice & progressive city
  4. Photos of the Andersson family from Långö 1942–1963
  5. Larvae in massive attacks on bird cherry trees
[Photo of larvae chewing on a leaf of a bird cherry tree.]
© Photo Conny Andersson 2007

A larva is an active immature form of an insect. The larvae shown in my photos are coming from the eggs of the Bird-cherry Ermine moth — Yponomeuta evonymella — (Linnaeus, 1758). In Swedish this moth is named häggspinnmal.

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My name is Conny Andersson and I am the manager of this website. I am a Swede. The photo below shows me as a two year old child in 1952.

[Conny Andersson at work in 1952.]
© Photo Hugo Andersson 1952, digitized by Conny Andersson on May 15, 2010

What is the meaning of diaforum? Dia- is a prefix, and it comes from the Greek word dia. The meaning of dia is through something. The word forum comes from Latin, and the literal meaning is “what is out of doors, is an agora” — a public open space used for assemblies. The World Wide Web and the Internet are such public open spaces for assemblies.

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[Oslo and Karl Johans gate on August 2, 2006.]
© Photo Conny Andersson 2006

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In Oslo you just have to pay a visit to The International Museum of Children's Art. See the world through the eyes of children!

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The IAB expects that the IETF will stop requiring IPv4 compatibility in new or extended protocols. Future IETF protocol work will then optimize for and depend on IPv6.” (Read the full IAB Statement on IPv6, posted on 2016-11-07 by Cindy Morgan.)
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The Hammarkulle carnivals, Gothenburg, Sweden | Photos from Rallarvegen – the navvies' road in Norway | Portland, Oregon, USA – a nice & progressive city | Photos of the Andersson family from Långö 1942–1963 | Larvae in massive attacks on bird cherry trees

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